By default the following technical limitations will apply for all new accounts. These can be modified on request.

Authentication Mode - IP  

Concurrent Connections - 50

Socks5 - Disabled

API - Enabled

Full Web Access - Disabled

Proxy Refresh - Automatic refresh limited to once per month

Remote Support on request 

Proxy trial with choice of location (please contact our Sales Team at

Features Available On Request

The following can be enabled by contacting 

  • On-Demand IP Refresh (Special Package required)
  • Blocked site IP Refresh
  • Socks5
  • Worldwide Custom Locations ($100/ per location setup fee)
  • Username authentication 
  • Up to 500 concurrent connections
  • Custom proxies for specific websites and apps

Lime Proxies Support Guarantee 

Average technical support response time - 10 minutes  (24/7)

Average Sales response time - 12 hours 

Average Billing response time - 24 hours

If you are not satisfied with our customer support or require a special package, please reach out to for a quick resolution.Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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