Having trouble getting proxies to work? Please try following these steps to identify the problem.

Test in your browser:

 1. Configure your browser to use your HTTP proxy. Ensure the port is 1212.

 2. Go to "http://www.whatismyip.com" in your browser. If the page loads, then you can connect through the proxy.

If you're still having issues, proceed to the following steps.

Do you see an access denied error?

 1. Ensure that your IP is authorized in our proxy Control Panel (http://panel.limeproxies.com )

 2. On the "access denied" page, sometimes the IP listed in "Please ensure this IP is set in your authorized IP list: " is different from the one that was set on your proxy control panel. Please ensure that the IP listed in the "access denied" page is authorized too.

In the Connection Settings window, click on Manual proxy configuration.

Enter the IP in HTTP Proxy and SSL Proxy field.

Enter 1212 in Port field.

This is how your proxy settings should look like.

Click Ok, then try to browse.

Please contact support@limeproxies.com if you are have issues.

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