Proxy Control Panel Login -

If you have not received your login credentials, please contact the support team to request your credentials.

1. How to add your authenticated IPs to access proxies?

In order to start using the proxies, you need to add your IPs from which you will be accessing the proxies. Please login and click on authenticated IPs, and add your IPs to the list.

2. How to add a new Website Address (URL) or Site IP to the white access list?

In order to access any website, the website URL must be added in the control panel. By default, we already have 500+ most common URLs added. If you experience issues with accessing any URL, please click on WHITELIST in the control panel and add the URLs to the list.

Please note, you should be adding them ONLY in the following format:

Example - To add, please add (add a dot before any URL and without WWW)

To add, add

Any new changes may take up to 30 minutes to be updated in the system.

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