Many different things can cause HTTP proxies to fail to work:  client configuration, server configuration, firewalls, routers, network issues, etc.

Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue you encounter.

  1. Ensure your current IP is authorized:   

Go to and copy the IP that comes up.

    2.Login to your panel and add the IP address under authorized list

Test by accessing manually in a browser:           

How to use proxies with Internet Explorer

How to use proxies with Firefox

How to use proxies with Chrome

     3.Test different URLs to determine if the issue only occurs on a specific website.

     4.Test from another computer on a different network if possible (ensure that computer's IP is authorized too).

If the steps fail to resolve the issue, please submit a ticket that includes:

  1. The proxy IP and port number
  2. The website/websites you experience issues with (and whether other websites work fine)
  3. Confirm if the error occurs 100% of the time or only occasionally
  4. A screenshot of the error you get.
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