Paid proxies enable you to remain anonymous while you surf the internet.

Paid proxy servers provide its users with a variety of advantages including security, consistent uptime, as well as the alternative to select proxies based on various parameters.

Free Proxies Can Be Harmful

The prime concern while using a free proxy is that when unexpected malware is infested in your system or any other problem crops up, there is no feedback mechanism. There is no support system in place to resolve and enhance user experience. The service provided is minimal. Free proxy, by the virtue of being free, is extremely slow and crowded

Free proxies have reportedly faced allegations of identity theft and information theft also. This makes free proxy extremely unsafe to access payment gateways with.

Advantages Of Using Paid Proxies

If you employ paid proxies, you instantly gain substantial services. Your private data will be guarded against getting hacked, you can circumvent blocked websites, you can experience high-speed Internet surfing and more.

Why go with Limeproxies:

  • High Performance: Works Great for high performance, multi-threaded software.
  • 40+ Geolocations: Choice of several international and US geolocations
  • 24/7 Support Guarantee: Round the clock technical support by phone, worldwide
  • Simultaneous Usage: Add as many as 10 IPs to be authenticated for proxy usage and username authentication on request
  • Fully Automated Control Panel: Fully Automated control panel enables easy management
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