Proxy exclusivity decides if the proxy is being utilized by a single or multiple users. It is important to check the exclusivity of a proxy before paying for it. For safety purposes, It is important for you to use an exclusive proxy. Below is a summary, with the details of proxy on the level of exclusivity.


Public proxies are open proxies, that enables anyone and everyone to connect to the server. These proxies can be accessed in the public domain, and its open to all, for free.

You might have noticed multiple websites that provide public proxies to use for free. But, these proxies expire really fast and are not reliable.


Set of private proxy IPs shared between a group of users are shared proxy server.

Shared proxies are more enduring than a public proxy and, more private than the open proxies. Therefore, they are expensive than the public proxies and a lot budget friendly than the private proxies.

One won't find the guaranteed durability of these servers as they burn out a lot faster than the private ones. These are suggested for users who wish to maintain anonymity while surfing the web or want to evade restrictions. Usually, gamers or people who use automated tools prefer using these proxies.


Private proxies also called as dedicated proxies and are usually virgin IPs produced for private use. They are normally used by web and application developers. These proxies are durable and worthy of the money you spend to rent these proxies. They are greatly advised for web-based automation services, SEO or social media.

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