As the name suggests, this proxy is clean! Never used for any offensive purposes.

When a proxy is put to use for any abusive or offensive purposes, the anti-spam databases, which are created primarily to maintain a record of IP addresses used for spamming and giving out malware programs.

Most of the web servers are programmed in such a way that, each time you enter a website, your IP address is checked against anti-spam databases. Once your IP address is blacklisted by such databases you will automatically lose access to that particular website.

At Limeproxies, we ensure each proxy that is given to our customers is a clean proxy.

How To Get A Clean Proxy?

This is where we as proxy provider play our role.

Limeproxies, being a private proxy provider itself adhere to ensure that we stick to only high standard IP ranges, provide only premium proxy IP services.

Why Should I Use a Clean Proxy?

If you are someone who requires and wish to enjoy continuous internet service, it’s appropriate for you to opt for clean proxies.

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