Proxy anonymity level is grouped into three kinds; transparent, anonymous, and highly anonymous.


Transparent proxy servers restore your system’s IP address by theirs.

Still, if the target website decides to discover who is accessing their page, your IP address can be exposed.

Wondering How? Each time you enter a website via a proxy server, the destination website can recover your actual IP address by the access request you send.

Transparent proxy servers are way faster than the other two. If you are seeking to bypass the restrictions and surveillance, transparent proxies are the best option for you.


Anonymous proxy servers ensure that no information associated with your IP address is anonymous.

Which means that you can use the internet without the fear of being noticed.No individual gets to track your location, hence cannot access your private information. However, Target web pages will still be aware that you are using a proxy address.

Highly Anonymous

Highly anonymous proxy servers or premium servers are designed with most superior security and safety features as compared to other proxies. They appear with all the privacy benefits of anonymous servers also. They can mask the reality that you are using a proxy server

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