Each time you visit a web page, your ISP (Internet service provider) assigns your device with an IP address, just like your postal address. Listed below are some of the reasons when you should consider masking your IP address :

To Stay Anonymous

By hiding your IP address, you create a layer of protection by securing the data.

Besides, no server can track your location or your activities online.

To Keep Your Search Private

If you are someone who likes to keep your searches private and secure, it’s ideal for you to hide your IP address. Because when you do that, your searches are kept secure from all web servers. Who can easily track you and save your searches?

To Be Secure While Using Public WiFi

Who doesn’t enjoy free things in life? Especially when it’s free wifi?

Nowadays, wifi hotspots are open to the public almost everywhere you go. But, be aware that these hotspots are the most unsecured and unreliable when it comes to its user’s security.

If you mask your IP address, you will be able to hide your original IP address from such networks and prying eyes.

Hence, there is more than one reason that supports the fact that you should mask your IP address. Even though there are numerous free proxies available, they are highly undependable and less secure. Therefore, paid proxies are the most preferred ones to mask your IP addresses.

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