By default, the following technical limitations will apply for all new accounts. These can be modified on request or from the Dashboard.

  • Authentication Mode - IP  (Can be changed from the "Account" tab in the Dashboard)
  • Concurrent Connections - 50
  • SOCKS5 - Disabled (Can be enabled from the "Products" tab in the Dashboard for Premium proxies with IP authentication)
  • API - Enabled
  • Full Web Access - Disabled (Full access can be enabled from the "Account" tab in the Dashboard)
  • Proxy Refresh - Refresh on request, limited to once per month

Features Available On Request

The following can be enabled by contacting 

  • On-Demand IP Refresh (Special Package required)
  • Blocked site IP Refresh
  • SOCKS5
  • Worldwide Custom Locations 
  • Up to 500 concurrent connections
  • Custom proxies for specific websites and apps

Lime Proxies Support Guarantee 

  • Average technical support response time - 10 minutes  (24/7)
  • Average Sales response time - 12 hours 
  • Average Billing response time - 24 hours

If you are not satisfied with our customer support or require a special package, please reach out to for a quick resolution. Our goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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