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Website blocked / Access restricted error
Website blocked / Access restricted error

Fix unable to access particular websites or all of them.

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If upon using the proxies you come across an “Access Restricted” error or a blocked website, please be advised that the website you are trying to access has not been added to the allowed list in the user panel.

As a first step to troubleshoot this issue, please ensure you are able to access with your proxy. If you receive an access denied error message on, this means your IP is not authorized.

In this case, you will have to log in to your proxy Dashboard and add your new IPs under the authorized IP link.

If you are able to access, but unable to access other URLs, that means the website URLs are not added to our allowed list.

Please login to the proxy control panel and add the website URLs that you need to access by clicking on WHITELIST in the Dashboard.

NOTE: Please note that we have certain limits for test proxies. If you are not able to test your trial proxy for your requirement specifically, please contact our Support Team to remove the restrictions. Our Support Team can be reached via chat or by raising a ticket by sending an email to

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