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Classified advertising is a form of advertising in digital media. Classified ad posting is a promising strategy for companies who have clients in expanded GEO areas. Classifieds posting was one of the most working marketing strategies of that is widely used by companies.

Case Study: Power tools Franchise

The issue with the geolocation can be overcome by posting the local classified with the help of Limeproxies proxy solutions. The case here we are discussing is about Power tools Franchise.

Client Profile

The top power tools franchisor has a countrywide network of franchisees. The headquarter is in Florida with over 500 local outlets.


As the company came to know about the Classified ads which are the most effective mode of advertisement in the local areas, the IT department was instructed to post them for each area.

To lessen the operational expense, the ads should be posted from the headquarter.

However, the classified will look for the IPs through which the ads were being posted. The issue is with the limited IPs which will eventually get blocked. Classified ads also need to post in the local areas to attract more customers.


The Limeproxies proxy solutions provide proxies from different geo-location including IPs from multiple subnets. By using our Premium proxies, the company can tackle the issue with location and the IPs, thereby growing the number of classified ads posts.

Get Limeproxies to post Classifieds in any classifieds websites!

With the use of Classified ads, the company can directly market the products to the consumers. With our proxies which are dedicated and high speed, posting a classified is very easy.

Do call us or email us to find out how we can boost your classifieds marketing strategy with our proxies.

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