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With regards to web advancement and other IT firms, web developers and IT experts need to work with servers that control information. In some cases, servers might block a particular IP address due to security reasons. Web developer and IT expert should have an additional static IP address if the primary IP address gets inadvertently blocked.

Case study: IT Department in Office

LimeProxies has worked with numerous autonomous web developers and web development companies and also IT groups from various establishments. Here is one of the situations where we helped an office's in-house IT office to moderate downtime and increment uptime while they took a shot at their IT anticipates.


The customer is an IT division in one of the biggest web hosting company. The computer network in the office comprises hundreds of units and all the units interact with the same server.


A huge number of gadgets are utilized on the server network, and the server would frequently get over-burden and must be restarted. The other problem in the IT department was that if anyone in the IT department got access denied from the server by entering incorrect login details three times in a row, the IT technician would not be able to login to the server for up to certain period of time. This affected the entire office would have its servers and databases difficult to reach until the server downtime is resolved. This pointless downtime had an extensive negative impact on the office's activities and considered seriously the IT group's powerlessness to counteract server blackouts.


By renting premium private proxies from us, gave the IT department a reinforcement IP address that they could utilize if their essential IP address at any point got blocked.

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Downtime during IT process could lead to loss of productivity and even money. At LimeProxies, we are completely mindful of such issues and that is the reason we give an extensive variety of premium private proxies.

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