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Work with LimeProxies  Today to Unblock Websites and Help Your Business Go Places!

We at LimeProxies utilize premium private proxies to enable you to get to blocked sites and let your business increment its universal effort easily.

Case study: China-based Spices Business

At LimeProxies, we have confidence in a free Internet. Here are the means by which we helped a China-based business extend their tasks abroad.

Customer Profile

This customer is from China and maintains an independent venture in the spices business. The organization utilizes in excess of 100 specialists and has its own industrial facility and distribution center. They are planning to expand their territories to international locations.


In spite of the fact that the customer maintains an effective neighborhood spices business in China, they have developed designs that compass outside the outskirts of China. The customer is now quickly developing in the Chinese local market and they wanted to get into the US as a piece of their development. In any case, the Chinese government has stringent web control set up, the entrepreneur was not having the capacity to get to numerous worldwide sites that are fundamental to the achievement of their universal promoting efforts. They didn't have the proper finance to set up a branch office in the United States.


They purchased premium private proxies from us and they were able to access the blocked contents from there region. After using the proxies the company was able to display their ads and started online marketing.

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