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Limeproxies have a wide number of proxies that can be used for Gaming, Our  Premium proxies can be used for Gaming and the privacy is completely protected. Premium Proxies come with a node speed of 1Gbps. However, the connection with the gaming server depends on how far the server is from your physical location.

Case Study: Professional Gamer

Having a wide variety of locations in Premium Proxies, this is how we were able to bring a smile on a Gamers face.

Client Profile

This client is a champion in gaming and was facing issues with playing games despite having a high-end gaming console.

Challenge :

A client had a complaint that he had issues with connectivity even after having an ultra-speed internet connection.

Solution :

The first move was to find where the gaming servers are located, After knowing the location, We were able to provide proxies to the client relatively near to the actual location of the server. After connecting to the game with the proxy, there were no issues faced and the client was able to maintain a strong connection without any drops.

Having 99.99% uptime on all our servers, we at Limeproxies thrive to provide a memorable gaming experience with our proxies.

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