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We all know that Internet has been used in a lot of fields today, But have you ever heard of proxies being used for Investigation? Well, we never heard about it until we came across this situation.

Case Study: Law Firm

While investigating a Data breach case, the use of proxies helped the people to stay anonymous throughout the investigation.

Client Profile :

The client is the head of a security firm who had a responsibility to find what went wrong and why there was a data breach in the company.

Customer :

A person from a company where the data breach took place approached the security firm and wanted to know the source for the same.

Challenge :

The head has filed a lawsuit for breach of data and wanted to know the reason or cause for the same. Due to the backup available, they were able to restore the data.

Solution :

The client was able to use our Premium Proxies to stay anonymous and check the incoming and outgoing connections to the server on which the data breach took place, and they were also able to trace the location of the IPs that looked suspicious to them.

With LimeProxies, Premium Proxies can be used for any purpose, However, we do have restrictions on certain aspects that keep our IP clean. To know more about our products, Please go to or contact us by chat or email

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