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What is an IP Address?
What is an IP Address?
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IP is an acronym for Internet Protocol. It also permits your device to connect to the internet

An Internet Protocol address is a collection of rules that help the fulfilment of operations and oversee action on the Internet. It is further composed of an interconnected grid that’s orderly placed out. IP addresses can recognize both Internet targets and devices so that two-way communication becomes likely.

IP Address Format

If at any point you had to correct the settings of your router through your browser, the manual must have guided you to type a series of numbers on your address bar, that is your IP your address. It enables you to connect your PC to the router’s configuration interface. Just like when you are driving to someplace new, you need an address to navigate properly and ultimately reach the correct place.

The IP address is a combination of numbers like The maximum value is 255 here. Which means you can not have an IP address like 500.600.700

Global IP Addresses

There are approximately four billion public IP addresses possible, which is not even close to the number of devices that are connected to the internet. The only reason as to why we can still connect with addresses flapping is because the IP address of every device on a specific interface is uncommon to that network.

Also, these devices employ the very global IP address when entering websites outside of the interface. One global IP address is usually consigned by four computers, three tablets, and four cellphones inside the very interface.

What is IPv6?

These are substitute addresses that can go up to 32 digits and contains both numbers and letters. There are approximately 340 undecillion mixtures of IPv6 addresses, guess we are not going to run out of them soon.

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