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Do you have an affiliate or proxy reseller program?
Do you have an affiliate or proxy reseller program?
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We do have an Affiliate program. Please check Affiliates for detailed information.As of now, we do not offer reseller programs.

The LimeProxies Affiliate Program has been wildly successful since its launch, helping LimeProxies grow as a business and rewarding our supporters for promoting and selling our proxies to brand new customers all over the world. Thank you to every one of our affiliates for helping us grow as a business.

We are introducing a series of new features

  1. All commissions will be 50%. 

  2. Affiliate cookies will last 1 year instead of the previous 45 days.

  3. All affiliates will be paid once a month, on the 5th of every month.

  4. The minimum payout will be $30.00 for US affiliates and $50.00 for affiliates not based in the US.

  5. Payouts can now be requested through paypal/payoneer/bitcoin and bank wire.

  6. Bank wire payouts require a minimum of 1000$

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