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Can a proxy hide my IP address?
Can a proxy hide my IP address?
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When you connect your device to the internet, your ISP assigns you with an IP address.

Most people prefer to have a router to connect their multiple devices to the internet.

While a router is assigned a public IP address, all the devices connected to the router is assigned a private address by the router.

To put it in simpler words, IP address is your internet address, just like your postal address. Since the address assigned by your service provider is public, you can be easily tracked, therefore you need to hide your IP address.

Why Do You Need To Hide Your IP Address?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Some of the common reasons why people prefer to hide their IP address are listed below:

  • To keep your location anonymous - Few websites prohibit its users belonging to a specific region or place. Hiding your IP address will enable you to access these websites.

  • To Secure Your Online Search - Search engines collect your data while you are searching. You will be able to keep your searches private by masking your IP address

  • Obstruct Website Tracking - There are few websites that track your activities online. To bypass this, and maintain your confidentiality it’s advisable to hide your IP address.

Disguise IP Addresses With Proxies

When using proxies for internet surfing you don’t access the websites directly. Instead, you pass through a mediator that transmits the information between you and the web page. Even though there are numerous free proxies available, they are highly undependable and less secure. Therefore, paid proxies are the most preferred ones for hiding IP addresses.  

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