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Can a proxy change my IP address?
Can a proxy change my IP address?
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Technically it’s not possible to amend your IP address. However, you can mask it. The sole intention of changing your IP address is to disguise yourself online.

Apply Proxy to Change Your IP Address

One of the simplest way to make it possible is, by using a proxy. It enables you to make both temporary or long-term changes, which allows you to switch between your native IP address and the proxy address.

Although, if you are using a proxy address it doesn’t change your original IP address, it shadows it to appear like a different IP address. Your original address continues to be used, but the information is redirected using the proxy address so that the websites you visit, only get to catch the proxy address.

Why Get A New IP Address?

There are multiple reasons as to why you should change your IP address. Some of them are :

  • To keep your identity anonymous on the internet.

  • To bypass web censorship and surveillance.

  • To break out of a restricted network

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