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Proxy was not assigned after completing the payment
Proxy was not assigned after completing the payment

Completed the payment and not received the proxies? Please check here.

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We have strict payment policies to avoid any fraudulent transactions, thereby protecting you from fraud and strengthening our network

  1. Credits not added to your account or the proxies were not assigned after successfully completing the transaction
    This happens when your payment email address and the registered email address are different.
    When you use an email address different from the registered email address, we send a verification email to the payment email address. There will be a link to click and once done, credits/proxies will be added/assigned automatically
    If you did not receive the verification email, contact us via live chat from the website or Dashboard.

  2. Got the message "Order Not Accepted" but was charged for the transaction.
    For Fastspring transactions, we have few security checks, which when triggered can cause such issues
    If you get charged for a failed transaction, the amount is automatically refunded, and based on the payment mode, it can take 5-6 business days for the amount to appear back in your account
    - Do not use proxy/VPN while completing a payment
    - Avoid using free domain email addresses like Yahoo, Live, etc as a payment email address. Use of Gmail is allowed
    - The billing address and the location from where the order is placed should match
    - Always verify the entered credit card information

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