For SOCKS to work, make sure you have Premium proxies with IP based authentication.

After SOCKS is turned on or off, the request goes to the server and can take a few minutes for it to be completed. There can be a few reasons for this to not work properly:

  1. Pressing the button repeatedly: The button should be clicked only once. After that wait for a few minutes and refresh the page

  2. Not waiting for the request to get completed: After clicking on the button, it is important that you wait for the changes to take effect and not change or refresh the page at least for 1-2 minutes

In case, after waiting for a few minutes and refreshing the page, the SOCKS status is still the same, repeat the process (Click on the button, wait for few minutes, and refresh the page).

NOTE: SOCKS can only be turned ON and OFF from your Dashboard. It cannot be controlled from the support end.

You can always reach out to us via live chat for assistance

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