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How to add credits using Wire Transfer?
How to add credits using Wire Transfer?

Transfer directly from your bank using Wire Transfer option.

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How to add credits using Wire Transfer?

We have a "Wire Transfer " payment option available only for adding credits to the account.
This option is available in select countries. To check if your location supports wire transfer and complete the payment, follow the below steps to 

  1. Log in to the Dashboard and click on the "Billing" tab

2. Make sure you select "Fastspring", enter the amount and click on "Make Payment Now"

3. Fill in the details, select "Wire Transfer" and click on "Next"

4. After completing the survey, click on "Complete Order

5. You will now get an option to download the invoice which includes the payment instructions

NOTE: Bank transfers can take time (15-20 days) to get cleared. If the credits are being added for the immediate renewal of proxies or purchasing new proxies, we recommend using other payment options available. 

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