How to configure Limeproxies in FollowLiker

Proxy configuration in Follow liker:

  1. Open the FollowLiker Application. 

  2. Click on “Files”-> “General”-> “Settings” as shown in the screenshot. 

  1. In general setting you need to change some options as per your requirements. 

In the above image, Account per Proxy is given as 3 ,that means one proxy is used for 3 accounts at a time. You can increase the account number but we recommend to use 3 accounts at a time for not getting flagged. 

  1. Once the general setting is done. Right click on Accounts Table ->New..

  1. Add the username and password for your Insta account and you can enter the proxy into the proxy field in this format: 


Ex: 182.xx.xx.124:1212:user:pass

  1. Finally, click Save

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