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How to manage Instagram accounts?
How to manage Instagram accounts?
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Instagram account management can be tricky. Bots offer a lot of functionality and it can be difficult to find the right way to set it up. There's also Instagram's constantly updated anti-bot defense that mercilessly hands action blocks left and right. There are many factors that determine if your account gets blocked or not.

Some facts:

  • Different actions are getting blocks, for example follows and likes.

  • It is not excluded from automation only, people who do it manually receive blocks as well.

  • Blocks are not permanent. They will pass, just be patient.

  • It's not clear yet if it's a bug on their side or the changes are permanent.

At the moment most popular theory is that there is *a new limit for 6000 actions per 30 days , so if you go above the limit - you will get an action block. A lot of people report this is true, however, some are receiving blocks with fewer actions.

What you can do about it:

  • Keep your actions on the low side. We advise to play safe.

  • No more than 200 follows a day .

  • Warm up accounts after the block has been lifted. Roll it out slowly, otherwise you will get an action block again shortly.

  • Try other methods than follow-unfollow. Variate.

  • If none of the above helps, keep researching on popular forums to find what works for you. There are too many factors to account to and different things work for different people.

Warm up your accounts

Before you begin your journey to accumulate followers, we highly recommend warming up your accounts, especially if they have been created recently.

Warming up means that you must first rest your accounts for some time, usually a couple of weeks, and perform no actions whatsoever. Once this initial stage has been completed, roll it out slowly (e.g. 2 follows first day, 5 follows second day, etc.).

Action frequency

It's important to note that to use our proxies correctly, you will need to set up appropriate delays.

Our system will automatically rotate sticky endpoints if it hasn't been used for 60 seconds. This is why a maximum delay between each interaction has to be no more than 59 seconds.

We recommend setting the maximum to 50 seconds. Otherwise, your IP will rotate just like with a rotating port and will flag within Instagram's anti-bot defense system.

And because each interaction (e.g. follow) happens rather frequently, we recommend to also adjust delay between operations (X amount of follows every Y minutes). At least 90-120 minutes is recommended between operations, the longer the better.

General advice

Besides the discussion above, try to mimic human behavior as much as possible. Nowadays Instagram bots allow you to highly customize the actions performed on Instagram. The more robotic your actions on account are - the more likely it will flag on Instagram's system

For example, 50 follows every day, at the same time and with the same hashtags will surely flag the account. In the meantime, randomized follow actions at random times while also posting something will camouflage your bot activity much better. Setting sleep time for the account, when no actions are made, also makes it more convincing.

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