First, let us get the list of proxies.

1 . Login to Limeproxies Dashboard. Go to the Products page.

2. Click on DOWNLOAD on the proxy package you would like to use.

3. The downloaded proxy file will be in the format below if you are using username based authentication.

If you are using IP based authentication, it will be like below.

You can switch the authentication method as per your requirement. By default, all accounts will be under IP based authentication where you need to authorize the IP where you are using the proxies.

How to add authorized IPs?

You can switch to username based authentication, you may follow the below instructions.

How to enable username based authentication for the proxies?

Now we have our proxies list. The next step is to configure them on AIO Bot V2.

Configure AIO Bot V2

1 . Open AIO Bot and click on the PROXIES tab at the top. Then click on +ADD NEW.

2. You need to add Name for the proxy list. Then select the type of proxy list as Normal and check the box Is Enabled.

The username based authentication will look like this.

For the IP based authentication, it will look like below.

3. For monitoring, you can add a separate list like above, and instead of Normal Proxies, select Monitoring.

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