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Craigslist Ad Posting
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Best Practices for Craigslist Ad Posting

1 . One Advertisement per section per 48 hours.

In order to avoid getting flagged and be on the safe side, this rule comes handy.

2. Use different accounts in different regions.

You might be posting the same/different kinds of ads in different regions. That does not mean all should be from the same account. Create an account while connected to the proxy for a specific region and use that proxy and account whenever you are posting in that region. This will provide more genuineness for the account.

3. Localize Ads for different regions.

Even if you are providing same type of content in different regions, do not post the same content everywhere. Localize the ads according to the region and make it look like the ad is specifically made for the region.

4. Use proxies from the city that is specific to your post.

If you want to post an ad in Miami or San Jose, connect to that specific city proxy and then post the ad. This will give the website info that the user is from the same specific city as the ad posting city.

5. Don’t spam and post at once.

Even if you are not using the proxy, it is better to respect all the websites. Don’t spam the website by posting multiple ads at the same time.

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