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How to Set up Private Proxies for SENuke TNG?
How to Set up Private Proxies for SENuke TNG?
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1 . Open the Senuke TNG application from Start Menu or Desktop.

2. Click on the Option on the top bar.

3. Click on the Proxy tab from the Options menu.

4. Check the box Use Proxies to enable the proxies for Senuke TNG.

5. Now there will be 2 options. One is to use Senuke Proxies which is selected by default. In order to use Limeproxies, select the Custom Proxies radio button.

6. Click on the Add Proxy List button at the bottom.

7. If you are using IP based authentication, you can leave username and password fields blank. Otherwise, you may please enter them. You can that info from here.

You need to download the proxies from the Products tab in the Limeproxies Dashboard.

Once the proxy is downloaded, you need to remove the http: before the IPs from the downloaded text file and copy and paste the proxy IP details to the Proxy List of Senuke.

8. You can test proxies before completing the process to make sure all the proxies are working fine. You need to click on Test Proxies for that.

9. Once the process is complete, you can click on Save and you are ready to use Senuke TNG with Limeproxies.

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