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Helium Scraper Proxy Integration
Helium Scraper Proxy Integration
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Helium scraper is a professional web scraper with an intuitive interface that is quite flexible and easy to navigate. Simple GUI. Set rules with action trees. Supports multiple export formats. Flexible.

First, you need to download the proxy from our Products - Dashboard.

The proxies will be downloaded with IP and port. The username and password for the proxies can be set from here.

1 . You can download the Helium Scraper from here. Once downloaded, you can install the application.

2 . Open the Helium Scraper. Click on File - Proxy List.

3 . Enter the Proxy IP, Port, Username, and password for the proxy. Once done, click on OK.

4 . Next, open the Project you are working on. Click on Project - Settings.

5 . Change Enable Proxies to True. Click on OK.

Now the proxies are ready to work.

Here is the Video Tutorial on Helium Scraper Proxy Integration

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