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Aezakmi Proxy Integration
Aezakmi Proxy Integration
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Aezakmi is a browser fingerprints builder

Step 1 : Download and install Aezakmi

Step 2 : Launch Aezakmi and start with creating a new fingerprint profile

Step 3 : Select the parameters one by one base on your details:

Operating System, Browser, Screen Resolution and Video Card Driver from the drop-down list

Step 4 : Press the GENERATE button and a unique browser fingerprint profile will be generated based on the parameters you selected

Step 5 : Once the fingerprint was generated, you may add a proxy to your fingerprint

Step 6 : Activate the Enable Proxy parameter to use a proxy in the fingerprint profile

Step 7 : Fill in the details of your proxy server:

Proxy type, IP-address, Port, Login and Password

This will automatically set up your GPS fingerprints, the languages set in the system, and the system time according to the IP address of your proxy server

Many anti-fraud systems react negatively to the inconsistency of these fingerprints with the Geo-IP data.

If you do not press this button, these fingerprints will be created based on your current IP-address.

Now you should name your fingerprint profile and click on Save

Now the fingerprint profile is available in the AEZAKMI browser extension, and can be used

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