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How to configure the proxy in GoLogin?
How to configure the proxy in GoLogin?

Configure Limeproxies in GoLogin.

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How to configure the proxy in GoLogin?

GoLogin allows you to build several browser profiles and use them all at the same time. Users may use the tool to become fully invisible on the internet and alter their identity with a single click. It protects users' online privacy from unauthorized access.

Step 1: Open GoLogin and click on New Profile

Step 2: Please enter the below details.

  • Profile name as you prefer.

  • Click on the Proxy tab.

  • Connection Type as HTTP Proxy if you are using normal proxy and Socks 5 Proxy if you are using SOCKS.

  • You only need to enter Login and Password if you are using the username and password-based authentication. Usually, the username will be starting user-xxxxx and the password is the one that you set. Please note that our SOCKS don't support username and password-based authentication. So the Login and Password will be empty for our SOCKS proxies.

Step 3: Click on Check Proxy once entered all the details. It should show as below if it is working properly.

Step 5: Once it is showing as Success, you can click on Create Profile.

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