How to test proxies in the Linux command-line interface?

You can easily use our proxies within the Linux CLI using any command-line tool you love. Below we have collected some instructions on how to use CURL and WGET to send HTTP requests using our proxies.

Before you issue the requests, make sure your server IP address is authorized in our system.

1. Get the server's public IP address by using the following command.

$ curl

2. Under the account control panel, make sure that the server's public IP address we got in step 1 above is authenticated to use the proxies.

3. Here are the commands for WGET and curl respectively to issue requests using a proxy.

$ wget -e use_proxy=yes -e http_proxy=limeproxiesIP:1212

$ curl -x http://limeproxiesIP:1212 -I

Note: We need to change limeproxieIP with the proxy IP.

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